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Angel's Egg 1985

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The objective of this Collection are Movies with:

Complex plot
Big plot twist.
Ending twist

Pulled from PTP collection


Items to be updated. Please don't like the list. It's just for use with a script as I'm still too lazy to implement the auth just for this. Thank you.


From the breakthrough of Akira in 1988 through the exquisite films of Miyazaki Hayao to the recent blockbuster Your Name, Japanese animation has captivated audiences around the world. But anime’s history runs deeper still. Here we select 50 titles that celebrate its full, fascinating riches.


A challenge from MAL's Anime Watching Challenges group. Includes Ghibli films and other creations by the founders of Studio Ghibli.

Details & Extras:

Not on List:
[X] #09 - Choujuu Giga (CM)
[X] #48 - Nisshin Seifun Group CM
[X] #66 - Taiko no Tatsujin: 15 Shuunenkinen Short Animation (CM)

#theme #mal #release_order #complete


HollyWood Movies updated Hourly based on Popularity

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A collection of Eastern (Russian, Korean, Japanese, etc.) films to watch, since the western industry is unfulfilling these days. This list will get longer and correspond with my watchlist.


Movies released during the 1980s to watch


Artistic trip? Surrealist? Uncommon pacing? Super deep? Maybe all at the same time? It should be here.

Sakuga-porn anime are not here, or if they are, it's for other reasons (sorry mob and TTGL I love you very much)

  1. Most Popular Horror On Your Watchlist
  2. Lowest Rated Horror On Your Watchlist
  3. A Horror released in the year you were born.
  4. 1920s
  5. 1930s
  6. 1940s
  7. 1950s
  8. 1960s 09 1970s
  9. 1980s
  10. 1990s
  11. 2000s
  12. 2010s
  13. A Horror released in 2020
  14. A film from Letterboxd's highest rated 2010's horror list.
  15. Based on a book
  16. A film featured on Joe Bob Briggs' "The Last Drive-In".
  17. A film distributed by ARROW VIDEO
  18. A film distributed by 88 FILMS
  19. Made In Scandinavia
  20. Made In Britain
  21. Made In Italy
  22. Made In Japan
  23. Made In Canada
  24. Made In France
  25. Made In Korea
  26. Made In Spain
  27. Made In Australia/New Zealand
  28. Features a number in the title
  29. A colour in the title
  30. A film screened at Frightfest London 2019
  31. A Short film (Under 40 minutes)
  32. Streaming service 'EXCLUSIVE' (This will vary depending on your region!)
  33. Featuring A Pro Wrestler
  34. Suitable for children (no 15/8/r ratings)
  35. Directed by a woman
  36. Animation
  37. Horror Anthology
  38. Video Nasty
  39. Comedy Horror
  40. Horror film documentary/making of.
  41. Holiday Horror (Christmas/Easter etc.)
  42. Paranormal Horror (Ghosts, Haunted House, Possession etc.)
  43. Killer Horror (Slasher, Giallo, Home Invasion etc.)
  44. Monsters (Vampire, Werewolf, Kaiju etc.)
  45. Zombies (Voodoo, Undead, Virus etc.)
  46. Psychological Horror (Phobias, Madness, Paranoia etc.)
  47. Gore (Torture Porn, Splatter, Cannibal etc.)
  48. Devil Horror (Demons, Hell, Exorcism etc.)
  49. Religious Horror (Witches, Warlocks, Cults etc.)
  50. Dystopian Horror (End Of The World, Society Breakdown etc.)
  51. You leave a horror pick on my YPIW challenge and I will pick one from your watchlist for you in return.

Must watch!!
Features: Complex plot
Big plot twist.
Ending twist.

(Pulled from someone else's collection.)


Movies which have the following elements and themes:
Surreal atmosphere
Identity surprises
Reality surprises
Time Travel

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