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Anjoran Nasib 1952

Haji Salleh who was seperated by his family in Singapore fell sick when he was in Mecca. He had a wife, Ainon, a daughter Petum and a son Bahar who is an Inspector Police. Before he passed away he made a will who was entrusted to Sidek to be given to his family. As he arrived back in Singapore the beg which had the letter and money in it was stolen by Kamal, who stole the money and through it away. Kamal not later after that was arrested by the police. By coincidence, Kamal's daughter was Inspector Bahar's boyfriend. Sidek came to the Police Station as he heard about the arrest that has been made to the thief who stole the money. But he was taken back when he saw the face of the criminal who resembled so much of his friend who passed away, Haji Salleh.


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