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Anthropoid 2016

The Good:
- Solid concept
- Interesting characters
- Keeps your attention

The Bad:
- Spoken in English. (Not a huge issue, but I would've preferred Czech language with subtitles)
- Other than the best part there wasn't much that stands out and separates it from other films in the WWII category.

Best Part:
- The series of last stands at the church

Overall a very nice film. If you like WWII movies definitely check it out!

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Jamie Doran and Cillian Murphy are wonderful in this WW II true story. Telling war stories run a brittle balance between romanticizing heroism and being true to the ultimately tragic decisions made between survival and sacrifice. I was unaware of this bit of history. Good script and cast. I give this an 8 (good) out of 10.

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Competent account of a fascinating true story, but it didn't have enough depth to make it truly stand out.

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I have watched the other movie The man with the iron heart and that one focuses more on the figure of Heydrich. So I'm glad I watched this one too. I was so interested because I adore Cillian Murphy and I consider Jaime Dornan a good actor. So I wasn't dissapointed. The performances are solid and good. The movie focuses a lot in their mission (I have read the book HHhH, which gave me a lot of context and it made me love this story) and I think it's well done and faithful to the real events. Still there are very slow parts, but it's an enjoyable movie.

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Shout by FinFan
2017-03-11T16:37:49Z— updated 2017-04-02T21:27:46Z

I usually like these kind of movies - portraying historical events. And especially of the WWII era. But I didn´t get much out of this. the contrast between the first and second half of the movie is immense. Which could have been OK but the story developes and progresses too slow and has some rather unimported/unnessesary stuff in it. They should have left the love story out of the movie because it does nothing for the plot or the characters in the conclusion of the movie. Would have instead been more interesting to get more of the background information. The showdown in the church brings some action at the end but did not save the movie in my eyes. But the look of the film is very good. Sets and costumes look the part.

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Was good but personally prefer this version Operation: Daybreak from 1975

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Anthropoid: spociatku pomale, akoby sa bali, ci si nepohnevaju velmoc vseveducich. Zaver skoro akcny film. Vlastne by som si prial, aby cely film bol vazne viacej akcny. Americania si zo svojej traumy urobili Ramba, takze kludne... Radoby oslavne pateticke filmy su skor otravne. Film ma donutil ist na wikipediu.

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An ok war movie, a little bit heavy and in long duration but the ending was satisfactory

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