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Atlas Shrugged Part I 2011

  • Paul Johansson
  • April 15, 2011
  • 97 mins
  • English
  • Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller
Who is John Galt?
A powerful railroad executive, Dagny Taggart, struggles to keep her business alive while society is crumbling around her. Based on the 1957 novel by Ayn Rand.


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I'm big fan of the book and of Ayn Rand's work and watched this movie. It was one of the worst movies I have ever seen and a waste of my time. Some movies are so bad, say Batman and Robin, that they are almost entertaining for being so bad. This is the worst kind of bad, bad and boring. The cinematography, set design, and costumes are actually kind of breath taking. A lot of care and love went into that aspect of the film. Some of the casting is good and those actors deliver the best acting. The adaptation of the source material is pretty good too, believable anyway. The writing, direction, most of the acting and casting however are awful. The look of the lead character Dagny Tagart is spot on but her acting is dull, lifeless and devoid of any personality. One could argue that is how she appears in the book but I would have to disagree. Dagny couldn't be bothered with nonsense but when something excited her she was like a child filed with wonder and excitement. None of this come out in the film which is probably a fault of the director. This film didn't bomb because of a conspiracy against free thinking or the Tea Party. This film was a critical and commercial failure because ironically brains and ability lost to hubris and arrogance.

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It´s not as bas as people write around the web... the problem with this is that the next 3 parts probably won´t be made. So expect unanswered cliffhanger ( unless you read the book ). 6/10.

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