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Azougue Nazaré 2018

In sugarcane country of North East Brazil, where Evangelicalism is on the rise, people begin to disappear and other strange things start to happen as Maracatu carnival season begins.

In a vast, seemingly endless cane field, the sugarcane dances to the wind, like sea waves. PAI NANI, an Afro-Brazilian spiritual leader, carries out a religious act with five caboclos de lança – costumed dancers of the Maracatu Rural. As the caboclos acquire supernatural powers, they embody entities and disappear. The city of Nazaré da Mata witnesses mysterious events. The population is startled with the ravaging supernatural phenomena. In an isolated house blended with the cane field lives the couple CATITA and Sister DARLENE. Catita plays parts on the local Maracatu, but hides it from his wife. Darlene is an avid follower of Pastor BARACHINHA, a former Maracatu master who turned himself to the evangelical religion and now is on a mission to cast the devil out of the Maracatu and evangelize the whole city. Sister Darlene discovers that Catita is involved with Maracatu and compels him to meet the Pastor and convert to Evangelicalism.


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