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Bad Boy Bubby 1993

  • Rolf de Heer
  • September 1, 1993
  • 114 mins
  • English
  • Crime, Drama
All He Needs Is Love.
Bad Boy Bubby is just that: a bad boy. So bad, in fact, that his mother has kept him locked in their house for his entire thirty years, convincing him that the air outside is poisonous. After a visit from his estranged father, circumstances force Bubby into the waiting world, a place which is just as unusual to him as he is to the world.


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I didn't know what to expect after a few minutes. You can feel the guys pain. It's was definitely dark and well shot but I was worried it would be a pretentious piece of shock garbage. It wasn't. This film is about so many things. Being human. Human nature. Group mentalities. Selfishness. Value. Physical and emotional pain. Life experience. Cruelty. Kindness.... It's all layed on thick and simple but effectively. The movie makes you feel sad but can make you laugh in the journey. The journey itself is almost farcical but each situation shows you just how people interactive with bubby and how hubby interacts with them. It evolves like watching a baby learn. The ending was great. It showed that all the pain in the movie wasn't overkill and for just shock but it in fact enhanced the ending and raised the emotional impact.
Definitely something different and challenging but not for everyone.

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