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Batman Forever 1995

Batman Forever is probably the only movie I saw back to back the same day. I enjoyed it a lot until I realized just how bad a lot of Batman's dialogue is. "I wouldn't fit in at a family pic-nic" or "I'll get drive-thru."
I must have had my brain shut off when I saw it back to back. Because the movie is fun if you don't think about how bad it is compared to the 1989 film before it.
Jim Carrey's over-acting along with Tommy Lee Jones' is a shame since they both would have been great in their roles if the films weren't campy. If Carrey was told to tone it down and shut the F up and be more serious as the Riddler by a better director; he could have been great.
I think the movie is well cast but the approach they took was definitely in the wrong direction. Batman & Robin is proof because that took a wrong direction and took the franchise straight off a cliff.

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I remember going to see this movie when I was just a little kid. I really wanted to see it bad, but I couldn't exactly drive to the theater since I was only six years old. I kept complaining to my dad that I wanted to see it, and eventually we went out to see it. But oh no! It isn't in the Washington theater anymore. We had to drive to another theater instead. Then we walked in during the end of the last one, so I always remember the convo scene at the end and that shot of them running out of the light.

Anyway, I bet my dad had a terrible time. There are like a handful of things that I like, but just because the movie is so dumb it can be fun to watch at times. This one makes Batman Returns look like a realistic drama.

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I am seeing while reading twitter, well, something better than I remembered, but much less than 1 and 2. That young man was Chris O'Donnell and Val Kilmer when he did something

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Not my favorite Batman film. Just ok.

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The first time I saw this I was just a little girl and I thought it was great! Seeing this now is such a disappointment. It almost looks like a film making fun of Batman than a Batman film.

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