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Batman vs. Two-Face 2017


Shout by FinFan
2017-12-13T18:27:46Z— updated 2018-01-07T01:03:15Z

I haven´t watched the first one yet but I like that style in the fashion of the 60s tv show. Especially with some of the original voices. Which also sadly indicates there won´t be another of this because of Adam West passing away. May he rest in peace and thanks for the great moments you gave us.

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Different DC cartoon than i expected than most movies in this category, maybe thats why i didt like it that much. Maybe with more animation and less speaking it'd be better

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Better than its predecessor, and a nice love letter to the campy old series. It's a funny ride, but overall (like the first one) it's just a gimmicky grasp at reliving days gone past...

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