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Behind the Candelabra 2013

Wow, that was -like the liberace shows in Las Vegas- quite a show. It was a great love story and a hell of a cast.
Besides that it was the gayest movie that i ever saw. But the love story was that good that i could really feel with the couple of the movie.

I heard the movie should be good. Now i think it was even better (especially Douglas und Damon).

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a groundbreaking piece of cinematography. amazing film.

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Damon and Douglas are really, really great (and fab)!

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I knew very little about this story and I didn't knew who was Liberace or what he had done. But the important is that I really enjoyed watching this.
It was very interesting to see the life style of Liberace, his extravagant world and his romance with Scott Thorson. A story about love and sadness. Full of glitz and with a lot of emotion.
Matt Damon and Michael Douglas are so brilliant in this! Their performances are literally the greatest thing of this film since both were superb! And it's very good to see Douglas around again.
I hope Steven Soderbergh returns to the movies because Hollywood can't lose his talent.

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