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Bel Canto 2018

If the box office numbers on imdb are to believed this movie made a meager 222k worldwide. Even without knowing the budget that can only be described as a colossal failure. And I can understand why.
If you have a cast like this my expectations are at a certain level which this movie never reached. A story like this only works if you have emotional attachment to the characters. Is it the writing or the acting ? My level of emotions here was the same as watching a NG documentary. Yes, the end was somewhat powerful but, again, no emotinal connection equals no impact.
In the end the movie left me empty with nothing to take out of it. I understand the intension and the message, I just didn't care enough.

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why can they never hire an actual opera singer to act the role? it's so obvious that it isn't her singing. the singing voice doesn't match her speaking voice. and the visible lack of technique as to embouchure and breathing.. this is a disgrace for classically trained singers. they use their voices but have no respect for how they are portrayed!

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