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Big Business 1929

Laurel and Hardy at their best. The boys are attempting to sell Christmas trees but their customers don't seem to be all that interested. Their most popular foil, James Finlayson ends up in battle with the team. He destroys their car and the trees, while they destroy his house. A police officer eventually calms them all down, but not for very long.

I can never begin to understand why so many people ignore their silent films, as they're clearly missing out on some of the best films they ever made. This film is one of many that prove my point. It will take me all day to list the best moments in this film, but one shot that always makes me laugh is when Fin tears off the door from the car, and then gives it an extra stamp with his foot, just to make his point even clearer. Comedy gold from a comedy legend. I'll always love this film and I'll always love Laurel and Hardy (and Fin!)

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