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Boys Don't Cry 1999

@catyalexandre I don't think you understood the film. He's a man, not a woman.

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Excelente pelicula, muy buena, excelente actuación de Hilary Swank, llevo por completo la pelicula adentrándose por completo en el papel. También su fuerte esta en el punto que toca la pelicula la cual lleva a realizarte muchas preguntas. muchas injusticias y un ambiente muy dañado, ya que todos en la pelicula se observan que tienen grandes problemas de personalidad, conducta y de justicia.
En fin muy buena pelicula que te mantiene pegado, quizás un poco predecible pero da gusto verla. Recomendada.

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It's too bad this film is this underrated here. I have seen one of the greatest acting performances in this movie, not to mention the heavy message, conclusion and content it has. And the fact, that it is a true story. I have to say that I was a great fan of the first half of the movie, but it is necessary to set everything up what is next. And as the events escalate, the film becomes really impressive and will have a great effect on everyone, I can guarantee that.

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This powerful film tells the story of Teena Brandon, a woman who dresses like a man, cut her hair to look like a man, acts and convinced herself that she was a man. It's a story about courage, love and unfortunately prejudice.
Some scenes are painful to watch and it shows how people can be so stupid, cruel and violent just because they can't accept other's differences.
At the end I felt sad. Sad to know that this is a true story, to know that all actually happened.
Hilary Swank won an Academy Award for this film and it was totally deserving, she was amazing, totally believable!

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