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Cargo 2009

  • Ivan Engler, Ralph Etter
  • September 24, 2009
  • 120 mins
  • German
  • Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller
The story of CARGO takes place on rusty space-freighter KASSANDRA on its way to Station 42. The young medic LAURA is the only one awake on board while the rest of the crew lies frozen in hibernation sleep. In 4 months will Laura's shift be over.


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Quite derivative of many other older and recent SF films and although watchable, the themes and ideas have been done to death recently so that the plot twists are predictable well before they happen. Even the design and sets feel copied from other well known SF universes (some sound effects seemed to be straight from Alien when the doors close). However, it is well acted and watchable just don't expect anything revelatory.

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So yeah, this got a lot of hype in the press back when it was released here because it's basicly the only Swiss sci-fi movie... They were proud of the special effects in particular which have not aged well and I was more distracted by the balant product placement for the sponsors. Next to recycling various ideas I just couldn't get down with the badly written characters which they cemented in a scene early on which is even worse considering the slow pace.

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The special effects in this movie are amazing. What makes it more amazing is that all those special effects you see in this movie are made on a budget of only 5,8 million dollars. That just shows that if you got a talented and dedicated crew behind you (as director) you don't need a big budget of tens of millions of dollars to make a movie visually stunning.

Unfortunately the story did not get as much attention as the special effects. A lot of the story is borrowed from other movies like The Matrix, Blade Runner and Sunshine. That is too bad, because outside Hollywood there are not that many movies that are in outer space and look so visually stunning.

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