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Chewin' the Fat Live

  • 82 mins

The stars of Scotland's "Chewin' the Fat" take to the stage in this play adaptation, recorded live at the Kings Theater, Glasgow. It is a hysterical and sometimes bitter sweet tale which appeals to people of all ages (as long as they are over 18). The jokes and funny observations come thick and fast and although they will appeal more to Scottish people there is something for everyone as the story tells of the hopes and fears of a group of pensioners, wondering what they are doing with their lives and if they are "still game" for anything. The cast are exceptional and you find it difficult to believe that not one of them is over pension age. The comic timing is wonderful and the dialogue fantastic. If you are not near to tears of laughter you must be dead already. However what really surprises is the fact that one second you are laughing and the next with one line of dialogue you are near to tears of sadness.

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