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Cymbeline 2014

I love this play. After watching Tom Hiddleston's performance as Posthumus (and Cloten) a few years ago, I knew the lines by heart and was expecting something rich. This adaptation has excellent performances (as I was expecting) by Harris, Leguizamo and Hawke. Even Dakota Johnson has some honest moments, despite lacking experience. But Badgley was not at his best, to say the least. The script is to blame, as I feel Cymbeline needs more time to evolve the parts. It was a pleasure to enjoy Vondie Curtis-Hall taking another Shakespearian role again (his first since Romeo + Juliet), and I was delighted when Delroy Lindo gave Belarius a warmth that was beyond his own lines. It's a beautiful play, and sadly the last act feels rushed. Anyway, It's a good movie, and I still wonder if it would benefit of a longer cut.

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A noble attempt to update Shakespeare's play, but the results are only partially successful. Shakespeare's verse is ill-fitting within this context, and the film becomes a wearisome experience because of this.

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I couldn't finish watching it. There are just places where Shakespeare doesn't really fit.

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