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Dance Academy: The Movie 2017

"LOVED" this movie, perfect closure for the series, this was one of my favorite tv shows growing up, so i was really excited to see this one.

I felt nostalgic, happy, sad, i cried, i was happy again, i laughed and the end it was beautiful.
Although i would have loved to see tara and ben end up together in the end, and not kat and ben.

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Definitely found myself distracted by other things while watching this, which is pretty much in line with how I felt while watching the show. I suspect the whole series would've been much better if they'd focused on a character other than Tara, who I've always found annoying and self-centered. Despite her many horrible life decisions, she somehow still always ends up getting her way. Glad to have seen this just for some closure; I'd have loved to have seen more focus on Kat, Christian, Ollie, or any of the other actually interesting characters.

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