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    Dandy Sashichi Detective Story – Six Famous Beauties 1956

    Famed detective Dandy Sashichi tries to solve who‘s behind the serial murders of six beautiful women under the aegis of local showman Ibaragiya. The film opens with the sextet humiliating a respected painter‘s portraits of them, driving the man to a suspicious suicide. Later, while celebrating his son‘s impending marriage into a wealthy family, Ibaragiya releases six pigeons from a pleasure boat, each with a rolled up drawing of one of the beauties tied to their legs. He offers a cash reward to whomever recovers the pictures, but they instead become death notices of which of the six are next to die. Dandy Sashichi, pestered by his two underlings, gets involved in the case almost by chance, but it becomes personal when his beloved wife (Hibino) is abducted.


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