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Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead 2014

Everyone dissapointed with the first Dead Snow should know this is a big step up. The pacing is better, story yet silly, flows really good. The addition of the zombie squad (USA!) is obviously to attract a bigger audience but doesn't distract. It's absurd, gory, could be a bit offensive even but remains very funny including some clever gags.
I didn't like the original and even fast forward through it...This film however is recommended and Tommy Wirkola is one to watch out for..!

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I liked this one so fucking much, fuck!!
With the second part they hit the target, mostly because they finally took with decision the path of absurd/comic/nonsense splatter movie like the great Braindead of Peter Jackson.
Bloody killings, with no sense at all and so fucking funny from which no man nor woman and even kid can escape.
The plot is also more catching and complete, more interesting.
Characters are awesome, especially the Zombie Zquad and the zombie pet.
At the end the door has been kept open for a third movie... let's wait for it.
For now I'm suggesting this one dearly :)

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This movie was a blast. Really nice horror-comedy and better than the first one.

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