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Detective Conan: A Cursed Mask Coldly Laughs 2000

Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are invited to stay at a mansion by Beniko Suo, the hostess of a car accident charity. While driving, they find a message from the Phantom of the Cursed Masks, who tells them they should not go. Once there, they find other famous celebrities; a baseball player, a prophet, a rockstar, and a photographer who lost his wife in a "Hit and Run" incident. The mansion is huge and divided into east and west sides, and the only room connecting the two sides is the mask room. The mask room is locked at midnight each night due to Beniko's collection of Julio González's masks, a collection of 200 masks that are believed to be cursed. They were created by a famous man who lost everything and became engrossed in his masks; once he created 200 of them, he was found dead in his room surrounded with bloody masks.

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