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Diamonds Are Forever 1971

This is the worst of Sean Connery's movies. Plot is confusing and boring but still sometimes entertaining.

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So it follows the traditional Bond theme.

Bond girls are the normal "hotness". Although this is the first time I remember actually catching brief nudity in a Bond movie (at the beginning when he takes the bikini top off of the first woman).

Cheesy effects but it is the 70s.

Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd are quite funny in an odd kind of way and it's hard to tell if they are really just odd or if there really is a homosexual aspect of them. Violent and murderous regardless.

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Tiffany is so dumb omg.. and the lunar bug chase I don't even know what to think about it.

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I really love all of the official Connery Bond films... all except this one. Ugh, where do I start?

Bond Girl - Sucks
Villain - Lame
Plot - Dumb finale
Car Chase - Ridiculous

It is kind of a shame, how much of the film has bad stuff going on. I will say though, there are some highlights still. The henchmen in this are pretty fun. Q has some good scenes. And even though he's not giving a single shit, Connery is still pretty awesome. I do enjoy watching this movie (true for all the 007 films), but almost entirely because it is so crazy that it is funny.

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One of my favorite James Bond movies. For the first time the special effects look not as artificial as in the previous movies and both the plot and the bond girl are extremely hot!

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