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Don't Knock Twice 2017

Probably not worth opening your door to this feeble effort. Not scary and no real surprises.

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There were some aspects of this movie that could have had potential, if executed correctly. But it wasn't. Awkward comedic moments, terrible pacing, and confusing plot. Oh, and that awful ending.

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Shout by Saint Pauly
2017-03-01T22:27:25Z— updated 2017-03-04T16:09:58Z

Don't think twice...about ignoring this lazy string of cliches and tired tropes.

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good story...horror,fantasy,little mistery and thriller together not bad for midnight time lol

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"Don't knock twice" is not scary, just very boring. That's it.

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Chessy acting, bad story, and crap ending, but it wasn't boring, I sure knocked on the door for more. One of them films where the best parts were in the trailer.

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