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Dressed to Kill 1980

  • Brian De Palma
  • June 25, 1980
  • August 28, 2001
  • 105 mins
  • English
  • Horror, Mystery, Thriller
The Latest Fashion In Murder
A mysterious, tall, blonde woman, wearing sunglasses murders one of a psychiatrist's patients, and now she's after the prostitute who witnessed it.


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Slow to get going. When it does it ok. Sometimes the shots work really well and sometimes they seem excuses to be stylish. When that syle doesn't work for you whats left to enjoy? Sometimes not much. What is it with DePalma and his nude scenes. So cheesy and dumb. I was taken out of the movie as it began because it was so ridiculous. The actual story when it gets going is OK but because we know the movie is a homage it's pretty predictable. The characters aren't really fleshed out with interesting dialogue. The story is more the focus.
I didn't think the end was good. The escape had no reference to the setting and after that I'd had enough of the Hitchcock impersonations by then.

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First off, without spoiling it, this movie is guilty of being extremely offensive, outdated and completely wrong about a certain subject matter. 1980 or not, it's a real bummer. There's no other way to look at it.

Oy. I was going to then say something like "but as for the rest of the movie, here's what I thought" and try to justify giving it 3 stars based on that, but I can't get past it. There were interesting things happening in this movie, like the old school Psycho way of killing someone with super slow, easy to escape from, POV shots. Also a shocking amount of close up nudity in the very first scene. Just didn't see any of that coming. There are also some cool 70s style shots, but what overshadows all of this is what I'm referring to above.

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I don't think it's enough to say this movie is excellent.

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