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Eine Aufregende Jagd 1907

A young woman and her maid go for a stroll in the park. The maid goes away, and the girl, siting alone in her folding bank, starts feeling the effects of the heat. After a look around to make sure that she is alone, she strips naked, and has a refreshing bath. While she is at it, a middle-aged couple approaches and decides to rob the girl's clothes. The woman strips her own, poor peasant's clothes, and dons on quickly the girl's dress; they leave in a hurry. The girl is distressed when she finds that she has only her undershirt to cover herself. A policeman wearing a white casket appears before the girl can dress, and she runs away, hunted by the policeman. Nearby, a man in a white suit and Panama hat is having a picnic with his family, greets a passing friend, and offers him some refreshment. Before they can toast, they're trample on by the fugitive girl, and the policeman close by. They all stand up and join the chase. A bearded man in a dark suit is out for a stroll in the park, ...

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