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EMO the Musical 2017

I don't know what they were thinking when they made this movie, but I'm glad they made this movie.

The movie was surprising and very fun to watch. Eventhough the lyrics in the songs are not what you will expect in a musical movie they are very catchy and fun to actually look up after the movie again.

This movie will be for sure 1 of my guilty pleasures.

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EMO The Musical

I got some laughs, the songs were catchy and the plot was fine.
The characters were the definition of cliché.
The school sponsorship side plot should have been cut.
The pacing of the first half rocketed, then, it overstayed it's welcome.



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TOTALLY GENIUS!! i’m sure jesus was an emo now

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The title is a little off putting, but this is actually a quiet gem, funny, insightful, and musically sound. Well worth a watch, especially if you need a lesson in tolerance.

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