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EverAfter 1998

Very surprisingly this was one of my favourite films when it came out (I was only 6), I'm not quite sure how I understood it, as they talk lots of long and complex phrases, but I liked the premise of the Cinderella story. It is a very different retelling of the tale, but if you are fan of the original you should definitely see this version.

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Marguerite was hot! The prince made the wrong choice! :)

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This was not as clean as I expected it to be. I had heard that the only offensive thing in it was one usage of a strong profanity. While there was a small dose of language--though I didn't hear the utterance I expected to hear, even with the closed captions on--there was also some violence, including a bloody scene, and a bit of sexual content. I usually avoid "PG-13" films, regardless of what any critics say, unless they fall into the superhero, sci-fi/fantasy, or Christian genres; while not one of those movies that makes you exclaim, "This should have been rated 'R'!," this one still was a bit much for my conservative sensibilities. It also ran a bit long. The good news was that Danielle made for a very likable and strong heroine, which is just how I like my female protagonists. I know this film is beloved by people everywhere, but, it didn't do much for me, even minus the content.

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