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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed 2008

  • Nathan Frankowski
  • April 18, 2008
  • 90 mins
  • English
  • Documentary
Big science has expelled smart new ideas from the classroom...What they forgot is that every generation has its Rebel!
Hosted by Ben Stein, this controversial documentary examines how pro-intelligent design scholars and scientists are often chastised, fired or denied tenured positions by those who believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. Nathan Frankowski's film explores how scientists who believe in God are oppressed and how the acceptance of Darwinism might have played a role in the formation of the Nazi regime.


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There is NOTHING here that would cause people who understand science to even raise an eyebrow (well ignoring all the godidit claims obviously LOL), however, I would still recommend everybody (people who accept evolution, and science deniers alike) watch it, but ONLY with the freely downloadable subtitle track debunking all the lies, straw-men, and disinformation put forward in this joke of a documentary. It just shows how willing creationist are to lie to further their agenda.

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