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Falling Cat 1894

Directed by Étienne-Jules Marey, a French scientist, this is believed to be the first cat ever filmed in cinematic history. Jules Marey created the chronophotographic gun in 1882, a device which looked like a short barrelled shotgun with a magazine on top. It was capable of taking twelve consecutive frames a second. He used this to study various animals, the most famous study in what was called Marey’s ‘animated zoo’, was the one involving a cat which was dropped from a height of a few feet in order to see if it always landed on its feet.

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Purely for historical significance, irreplaceable. As a movie, it's, uh... Sure?

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A very fine cat it is, too.

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I like cats very much, and so it's of more interest than most early silent films to be able to see the first cat on film.

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