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Fear and Desire 1953

  • Stanley Kubrick
  • April 1, 1953
  • 62 mins
  • English
  • Drama, History
Trapped... 4 Desperate Men and a Strange Half-Animal Girl!
A ficticious war in an unidentified country provides the setting for this drama. Four soldiers survive the crash-landing of their plane to find themselves in a forest six miles behind enemy lines. The group, led by Lt. Corby, has a plan: They'll make their way to a nearby river, build a raft, and then, under cover of night, float back to friendly territory. Their plans for getting back safely are sidetracked by a young woman who stumbles across them as they hide in the woods, and by the nearby presence of an enemy general who one member of the group is determined to kill.


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Huh. Well this is the only Kubrick film that I hadn't seen before, assuming you don't count all his documentaries. Well, it was a different experience. Honestly, it kind of feels like a college film of an upcoming student. I think it really is that kind of thing, and it makes me judge it a little differently.

There truly is a lot of weird stuff going on, but at the end of the day I do enjoy watching it. I think this would be great if they cut the time down a bit. Sections do feel really long for no strong reason. I'd only probably recommend this to those who are into Kubrick and want to see his progress.

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At first I was wondering if there was anything to be saved here... by the middle of it (or earlier) I couldn't stop thinking that if there was one thing, it'd be just the few lines in the beginning: the narrator sends us a statement, an interesting one, that unfortunately the movie couldn't keep up.

It has a few nice shots and some (fewer) lines, even, ones that could've been interesting in a different movie. The lines are poorly delivered and the shots become lost in the same mess that the movie all in all gets stuck.
If you think I'm being too harsh, you should search for the words of Kubrick himself.

Watch this only out of curiosity.
I doubt that this movie, which made me think about quitting whilst in the middle of it (a thing that doesn't happen pretty often with me), can be of any other use.

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