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Filth 2013

This is a very good representation of transgressive fiction. It pushes boundaries in a way that most people would be very uncomfortable with. It pushes them in ways that make you think, unlike most films that 'push boundaries' with masses of blood and gore. It's not a 'comfortable' film by any stretch, but it is a GOOD film. It needs to be watched.

The main character - played brilliantly by James McAvoy - is a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic arsehole, and he's incredibly mentally disturbed. What was most interesting to me was the way in which his friends, family and co-workers reacted to his increasingly volatile mental state. It is, I think, a mirror of how mental and personality disorders are treated by the general population.

Ultimately, - although the ending is debated - I feel that perhaps those that would care for him came too late to change his mind about himself, or perhaps he just didn't care.

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A deliciously depraved little film, with a knockout performance from McAvoy about a diseased mind manipulating all around him to get an unreserved promotion. It's nihilistic, funny and at times gross. The fever dream style keeps it padded really quick too. Imagine Trainspotting with a deranged detective.

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I just love James McAvoy, fantastic work from him; he made the movie - not litteraly, but he's acting did it.

If we get a little bit closer to movie, then I can say that - are you like pornographic material? Are you a wanker and dick joke lover? As of interested to get taken down by some cocain and some grape juice? Than movie is for you.

Okey, okey. No more jokes.
Simply brilliant, I can say just that.

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pretty good. i went into this, as with most movies, not knowing too much about it. ill read a quick imdb blurb and see whos in it and take it from there. turned out that i was not disappointed. it wasnt as "edgy" as i had hoped it would be but was still a wild ride nonetheless. mcavoy was charming and beautiful as usual. the story was a little meh and felt kinda scattered, it was missing a certain something to help it feel a little more cohesive. its by no means a waste of an hour thirty but i would suggest this when your just looking for something to fill some time, not really something to sink your teeth into.

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This was really good! It might appeal more towards the male population, but definitely worth a watch.

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I was anxiously waiting for Filth for a long time. I had high expectations about it and probably the idea that the trailer gave me was of a different film than Filth actually is. It's a great story for sure but I was expecting something more shocking like the trailer suggests. All of the supposed shocking moments are in the trailer.

Bruce is a bipolar policeman addicted to drugs and sex. He is corrupt, depraved, manipulative and well, filthy. He is trying to get a promotion at work but if he doesn't get it his wife and daughter, that left their house, will not come back to him.

This story was written by the same man who wrote the amazing Trainspotting, Irvine Walsh. Trainspotting had the hability to make me feel uncomfortable and shocked by every single moment that I was watching, sadly Filth doesn't cause me the same effect throughout the whole film and for that reason I wish Danny Boyle had directed this film. Don't get me wrong, it's a solid film but not as good as I expected. It starts as a dark comedy and slowly becomes a serious drama. It's entertaining since the very beginning but unfortunately was a little messy sometimes. I would like to say that I loved it but I just enjoyed it.

There's not a single bad performance in this film, all of the cast was very strong but now I have to mention the man of this film, James McAvoy. He is absolutely brilliant! If it wasn't for his performance my rating would be less high. He certainly is one of the best actors of his generation.

If I had to resume this film in a word, that word would be McAvoy. And for him alone I would recommend this film to everyone because he totally makes this film worth it!

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I felt like the movie desperately wanted to be shocking and funny but comes across too forced that it becomes distracting and disorganized. I thought it was okay, but not good enough to earn a place in my collection.

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I can wait to see it

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