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Following 1999

Following was a pretty good directorial debut by Christopher Nolan. He got some nice performances from inexperienced actors, which is made even more impressive when you consider the tiny $6k budget and the fact that the entire thing was filmed solely on weekends because all the actors had full-time jobs. Nolan sure likes to mess with non-linear plot structures but used it to even better effect in his follow up, Memento. It still wrapped together really nicely though. It'd be cool if he returned to something relatively lower budget and similar to this later in his career.

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Shout by Neal Mahoney
2017-08-05T20:45:01+03:00— updated 2019-04-06T18:15:00+03:00

What an amazing directorial debut for one of the best in the business. Christopher Nolan loves his non linear storytelling and no one does it as good as him. It's crazy to think how they did this for only $6,000 and only on weekends.

Edit: Second time viewing and first with the chronological order. It is an interesting story but not quite as good as the original version. The nonlinear timelines really elevates this to great. Still this is very impressive with what they had to work with.

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Well... nothing special. I watched this movie because it was directed by Chris Nolan but I can't recommend it. In a lot of ways, it is a much simpler version of Memento and I never really got into "Following". For me, the newest Nolan flick (Interstellar, at least at the time of writing this is his newest work) and the oldest (Following) are not worth watching. Skip them and spend the time much better by re-watching e.g. his fantastic "Dark Knight" trilogy or Identity!

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