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For Your Eyes Only 1981

After a disappointing Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only brought an improvement into the Bond franchise.

This James Bond adventure is very thrilling with a lot of action from start to finish and we can see a much more serious and engaged James Bond and not the most seductive as usual. It's interesting how Roger Moore is more charming when he is not trying to be charming.

I really liked the fantastic helicopter opening sequence with Blofeld and the underwater scenes are beautiful.

Overall, a great film that in my opinion brought a much more realistic tone to the franchise.

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One of the best bonds: thrilling plot, fast pacing and with a good plot twist!

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Better than all Roger Moore Bonds that came before!

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Suddenly Roger Moore has a fairly realistic Bond film. Whhhhaaaaat? What is going on here? Such a surprise. I've gotta admit, I do really like it, but it isn't quite as engaging as I'd hope. Only one big problem in my eyes, and that would be the music. Terrible soundtrack. John Barry should have done every single soundtrack in this franchise until the day he died if you ask me. But instead they switch it out every once in a while and it is subpar.

Anyway, about the film. I like almost everything in this movie. realistic plot, nice switchups, Bond girl has a purpose. I really enjoy the sets and locations too. Unfortunately though, I just like the aspects of the movie, not love. If notches were turned up just a... notch, I'd probably list this one high up on the Bond rankings.

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