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Freddy vs. Jason 2003

  • Ronny Yu
  • August 15, 2003
  • 97 mins
  • English
  • Horror
Evil Will Battle Evil
Evil dream-demon Freddy Krueger devises a plan to manipulate the unstoppable Jason Vorhees into hacking up the teenagers of Elm Street in an effort to make people remember the name Freddy Krueger, thus freeing him from limbo.


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While not a bad horror movie per se, it certainly isn't a great one, either! While it is not as bad as one would think, it certainly has its fair share of cheesy lines, lousy acting and some of the special effects are not that good (but again, it could have been way worse!).

The thing I did like the least about the movie was its predictability and that it was not scary at all! It is more of an action and slasher movie than a horror flick which is a shame IMHO. I do not regret having watched it, but I most certainly won't watch it a second time! If you want some Freddy Kruger I can only suggest to watch the original and regarding Jason... well... I think I'm never going to like the series: I didn't like the first (which according to fans is the best) and the second Jason movie and Freddy VS Jason has not helped, either!

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A goofy yet sort of well made attempt to bring Freddy and Jason together. While it's actually better than some of the Nightmare on Elm Street sequels and Friday the 13th sequels.

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Good honest family fun

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