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Gemini Man 2019

This felt and looked like a video game thanks to the higher frame rate, a few first person perspective shots, the action set pieces and sometimes bad CGI. The young Will Smith looked alright for the most part but some of the other CGI didn't look great. His performance is fine but Mary Elizabeth Winstead's character is pointless. The story is dull and predictable, the action is ok but at least it looks pretty.

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Even with more conversation than action and fewer bullets than words, Gemini Man takes half the film to get to the tag line on the poster.

I'm convinced this is not the same Ang Le who directed The Ice Storm...

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Gemini Man is a visually stunning movie. It was shot beautifully in 4k at 120 frames per second. The CG used to create the "fresh prince" Will Smith looks great, in dim to dark lit scenes. The tech used here rivals Marvels' own "de-aging" effects and maybe a bit better in close-up scenarios. For me, that's where the good things end. Bad dialogue, poor pacing, hit or miss CG and a cliche plot (you probably have seen this type plot many times before in the late 90s or early 2000s movies) makes this a not recommend for me. I would wait till it hits Netflix.

Rating: 5/10

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the action scenes well, especially the one on the motorcycle, but when the clone speaks badly, the bad sentimental part, the Henry / Danny relationship well

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It was ok. Nothing special story-wise, but some nice action scenes. In some movie theaters the movie is running 120FPS. Maybe nice to see it as an experiment on how 120FPS movies will look like, but also ok if you want to watch something and nothing is on TV.

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I wish the sci-fi element had been a little stronger. But it was a quite decent action film!

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Problem with Chinese funded movies:
Everyone knows Ang Lee can't do action movies. His wonders just doesn't work on these materials, it's like asking Clint Eastwood to do a musical. It's just not working.

But the Chinese don't give a damn. They just want someone Chinese to take the helm, even if it means to crash the whole thing into a fat wall.

The plot itself felt quite fresh actually, given it was written 20 years ago it's hard to say who's ripping who off. But I was expecting them to give me an acceptable solution to the dilemma of whether Junior should execute his ill-visioned adopted father, but the final result had me cringing, and as i walked out the theatre I saw a father trying to explain the last act to his son. I pray the kid got it right.

And one thing worth noting though, is the action choreography by martial artist Jeremy Marinas and some other guys. the team surely got a style and i absolutely love it.

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The CGI for young Will Smith is incredible, and completely convincing, and there is good action. However, those are about the only positives I'll give it.

The High Frame Rate presentation absolutely ruined the cinematic look of the film, making it have the look and feel of an amateur youtube video. It's not just familiarity with frame rates. I'm very familiar with all frame rates. There are simply qualities inherent to different frame rates that affect the feeling of tone, impact and scale that result in everything feeling low quality, losing any sense of "epic" or "larger than life" that lower frame rates inherently enhance.

Beyond the HFR issue, the story is just weak. It's a barebones cliched story that seems to only exist as a vehicle to show off the CGI effects and action.

I went into this expecting some epic, memorable moment for cinema this year, and I came away very disappointed.

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Will Smith's career is in a funk. This movie won't help that.

It's slow, predictable, tries to be clever or take itself more seriously than it should. For an action movie it makes the cardinal sin - it uses CGI in a way that looks unbelievable. Here it falls into 'elasticity'. So chases and fight scenes are now surreal and break the laws of physics way too much.

The script is very wooden and flat.

The technology is excellent to allow this to work but the showcase here is very underwhelming.

6/10 for the tech and some of the action.

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The Prince of Bel Air vs Will Smith

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The films advertising is all about cloning and there being a CGI young Will Smith. Half of the film though is Henry Brogen (Will Smith), an aging Hitman. Hunted by his former bosses when a colleague gives him dangerous information.
His only ally is Danny (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who was hired to spy on him. But becomes a target along with him.
The film is mostly like Bourne in the beginning. However, since Clay Verris (Clive Owens) thinks no one can stop Brogen but someone just as skilled. He sends a younger clone after him, of course.
The charms of Will Smith and Mary Elizabeth Winstead help make Gemini Man more interesting than it has a right to be. Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) as director does also help the film be better than it deserves.

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