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Heart Land

  • 90 mins

“Heart Land: A H-Indie Film,” is a comedy of dil (heart) and miti (soil). An Indian-American consultant, Karan, is sent to Texas to save the finances of a Texan farm. Karan is the product of the most prestigious schools and consulting firms. He is all cosmopolitan, all Manhattan and all New York…all the time. In rural Texas, he happens to stick out…quite a bit. Hank, a rugged, man-of-the-earth, conservative Texan farmer hates city folk but must work with Karan to save the farm. Hank can't seem to comprehend how Karan uses spreadsheets, rather than his hands, to make the farm profitable. While working on the project, Karan falls in love with an all-American, sweet, beautiful and tough Texan farm girl: Heather. Heather just happens to be Hank's daughter. And she's fallen in love with Karan as well.

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