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Hellbent 2004


The genre survived in the 21st century thanks to the direct to the DVD market, the rise video streaming services and advances in digital filmmaking lowering the costs of making movies.

There was a short return to its exploitation roots, experimenting by new filmmakers, but mostly really bad low budget movies and remakes/reboots. Though there are a few gems to be discovered.

Genre definition: "Definition: A slasher movie is characterized by a villain who is skilled at killing and uses weapons other than firearms to stalk and target a group of young individuals, resulting in a significant number of victims. This villain may be either human or formerly human."

If I missed any movie you think that should be on this list or if you find some obvious mistakes please let me know and I'll make the appropriate adjustments.

Missing on Trakt:
- Texas Vibrator Massacre (2008) (IMDB: tt1225757)


some "good" movies for halloween :D


filmes de terror que pretendo assistir


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