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Hermes - Winds of Love 1997

  • April 11, 1997
  • 117 mins
  • English
Full of exciting adventure and great passion, this animated Japanese favourite tells the legendary tale of the mythological hero Hermes. The creator of the world orders Hermes to defeat the evil King Minos, tyrant of Crete. With his beautiful wife, Aphrodite, by his side, he bravely responds to the challenge. A battle between good and evil rocks the heavens as Hermes fights to unite Greece!

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A movie with a good production value: Toei did an excellent job with the animation witch is colorful, fluid and at time detailled. The orchestral score fit the movie (minus the awful songs wich could from a Disney). However, storywise it's another thing. Under the pretense of greek mythlogy is more a religous almost propaganda that had very little to do with the original myth. It's a positive an well intentionend message but it kill the drive of the plot let alone the dramatic impact. I've had nothing against spiritual anime. But we're millions miles from masterpiece like Haibane Renmei in that case....

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