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High Tension 2003

  • Alexandre Aja
  • June 10, 2005
  • 91 mins
  • French
  • Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Hearts will bleed.
French college students, Marie and Alex, go to Alex's farmhouse to study for their exams without distractions. While settling in, a man breaks into the home and brutally murders Alex's family while Marie tries to hide herself. When the killer kidnaps Alex, Marie follows him, attempting to save her friend.


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This is a much better film than I originally, somehow thought; not that I had seen a trailer or anything, but a friend who usually loves giallo and the films of Jess Franco recommended this - and I'd just seen "City Of The Dead" which was horror of an entirely different fashion to mine - so my expectations were lukewarm. Still, this hit hard! It's a companion to "Wolf Creek" - the first one, not the miserably made sequel - where there's a nasty killer around. All in all: sweet photography and an altogether good film. High tension, indeed.

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A french movie. a french horror movie. hm, is that a good basis ? The answer is: YES !

It scares the s*** out of you, because you don't know, where the killer is to search.

And the ending is just great. i don't want to spoil, so i give you just a good advise: you like horrormovies ? than you have to watch this stuff.


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