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Hollow Man 2000

  • Paul Verhoeven
  • August 4, 2000
  • 112 mins
  • English
  • Action, Science Fiction, Thriller
What would you do if you knew you couldn't be seen?
Cocky researcher Sebastian Caine is working on a project to make living creatures invisible. He's so confident he's found the right formula that he tests it on himself and soon begins to vanish. The only problem is, no one can figure out how to make him visible again. This predicament begins to drive Caine mad, with terrifying results.


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to many years have not seen her and I still love Paul Verhoeven makes level up

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Brilliant movie, definitely doesn't deserve such a low rating! I went in with low expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the special effects would be awful but they were actually better than a lot of stuff in today's movies/tv!! Those end scenes were so suspenseful! Overall, not a bad flick! If you're a fan of The Invisible Man, you will love!

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In general a good idea but the potential is not used. The movie builds alot on its special effects (which were impressive in the year 2000 but have aged since!).

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