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In Safe Hands 2018

What a beautiful movie. Perfect cast.
I agree with the comment saying it was too cold, the emotion came a bit late but that ending was very moving tho.
I insist: perfect cast, even the baby was perfect.

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In Safe Hands (Pupille, or 'ward of the state' in French) is a very informative film about the procedures followed when a woman wants to give up her child for adoption in France.

It works very well on a documentary level, but it has all the emotion of a dentist appointment. While the director squeezes in a little feeling in the final minutes, the rest of the film is very cold and stark. People argue, fuck, give birth, break up, suffer, get rejected, adopt babies all with a freakishly oppressive stoicism. In Safe Hands is more like a high school sex-ed movie than the thoughtful melodrama it sets out to be.

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