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In the Mouth of Madness 1994

  • John Carpenter
  • February 2, 1995
  • 95 mins
  • Portuguese
  • Horror, Thriller, Mystery
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With the disappearance of hack horror writer Sutter Cane, all Hell is breaking loose...literally! Author Cane, it seems, has a knack for description that really brings his evil creepy-crawlies to life. Insurance investigator John Trent is sent to investigate Cane's mysterious vanishing act and ends up in the sleepy little East Coast town of Hobb's End.


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To most people, the name John Carpenter is (and will always be) related to the "Halloween" franchise, but personally, I find "The Thing" and this film as the best works of his career.

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The way the horror movies should be done.

It seems that the film makers of these days have forgotten how to do good horror movies, infact I stopped watching them a lot of time ago. This movie, instead, is the wonderful example of the great things that can be done, it's not just blood, screams and scary moments, but there is a whole story that keeps you glued to the screen thanks also to Sam Neill.

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Fantastic, just watched it again in years.. Still holds up.

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