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Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution 3 2000

  • January 1, 2000
  • 90 mins
  • Documentary
Have you ever wondered...

The Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Series presents powerful evidence that proves that animal designs can only be attributed to a creator. They cannot possibly be explained by evolution. These programs will inspire you to look more closely at the world around you. Have you ever wondered.... * Are there really creatures that produce fire to defend themselves? * How certain birds can navigate over thousands of miles of ocean and never get lost? * How fireflies and glowworms can create pure light that generates no heat? * How great whales can dive to the bottom of the ocean without the pressure causing them to implode? * How some creatures can be cut in half and still regenerate themselves? Even grow a new head? * What incredible flying insect became the inspiration for the design of the helicopter? Ref - Amazon

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