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Inseparable Bros 2019

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The Blue Dragon Film Awards considers only blockbusters and popular movies of high artistic value released during the previous year. During the selection process, about forty movies that have made it to the final list are screened to the public for free. After the screening of each selection, the awards ceremony opens.
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List of nominees, winners are marked.

:small_orange_diamond:Best Picture:
-Extreme Job
-House of Hummingbird
-Swing Kids

:small_orange_diamond:Best Director:
-Bong Joon Ho ("Parasite"):trophy:
-Kang Hyeong Cheol ("Swing Kids")
-Won Shin Yun ("The Battle: Roar to Victory")
-Lee Byeong Heon ("Extreme Job")
-Jang Jae Hyun ("Svaha: The Sixth Finger")

:small_orange_diamond:Best Leading Actor:
-Jung Woo Sung ("Innocent Witness"):trophy:
-Ryu Seung Ryong ("Extreme Job")
-Sol Kyung Gu ("Birthday")
-Song Kang Ho ("Parasite")
-Jo Jung Suk ("Exit")

:small_orange_diamond:Best Leading Actress:
-Cho Yeo Jeong ("Parasite"):trophy:
-Go Ah Sung ("A Resistance")
-Kim Hye Soo ("Default")
-Im Yoon Ah ("Exit")
-Jeon Do Yeon ("Birthday")

:small_orange_diamond:Best Supporting Actor:
-Jo Woo Jin ("Default"):trophy:
-Kang Ki Young ("The Most Ordinary Romance")
-Park Myung Hoon ("Parasite")
-Lee Kwang Soo ("Inseparable Bros")
-Jin Seon Kyu ("Extreme Job")

:small_orange_diamond:Best Supporting Actress:
-Lee Jung Eun ("Parasite"):trophy:
-Kim Sae Byuk ("House of Hummingbird")
-Park So Dam ("Parasite")
-Lee Hanee ("Extreme Job")
-Jang Young Nam ("Metamorphosis")

:small_orange_diamond:Best New Director:
-Lee Sang Geun ("Exit"):trophy:
-Kim Bora ("House of Hummingbird")
-Kim Yoon Seok ("Another Child")
-Lee Ok Seob ("Maggie")
-Lee Jong Eon ("Birthday")

:small_orange_diamond:Best New Actor:
-Park Hae Soo ("By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture"):trophy:
-Gong Myung ("Extreme Job")
-Kim Sung Cheol ("The Battle of Jangsari")
-Park Hyung Sik ("Juror 8")
-Jung Hae In ("Tune in for Love")

:small_orange_diamond:Best New Actress:
-Kim Hye Jun ("Another Child"):trophy:
-Park Ji Hoo ("House of Hummingbird")
-Park Hye Su ("Swing Kids")
-Lee Jae In ("Svaha: The Sixth Finger")
-Choi Soo Young ("Miss & Mrs. Cops")

:small_orange_diamond:Best Screenplay:
-Kim Bora ("House of Hummingbird"):trophy:
-Eom Seong Min ("Default")
-Bae Se Young ("Extreme Job")
-Bong Joon Ho & Han Jin Won ("Parasite")
-Jang Jae Hyun ("Svaha: The Sixth Finger")

:small_orange_diamond:Best Cinematography and Lighting:
-Kim Ji Yong & Jo Gyu Young ("Swing Kids"):trophy:
-Hong Kyung Pyo & Kim Chang Ho ("Parasite")
-Kim Yeong Ho & Hwang Sun Ok ("The Battle: Roar to Victory")
-Kim Tae Su ("Svaha: The Sixth Finger")
-Kim Il Yeon (C.G.K) & Kim Min Jae ("Exit")

:small_orange_diamond:Best Editing:
-Nam Na Yeong ("Swing Kids"):trophy:
-Nam Na Yeong ("Extreme Job")
-Yang Jin Mo ("Parasite")
-Yang Jin Mo ("The Battle: Roar to Victory")
-Lee Gang Hui ("Exit")

:small_orange_diamond:Best Music:
-Kim Tae Seong ("Svaha: The Sixth Finger"):trophy:
-Jung Jae Il ("Parasite")
-Kim Jun Seok ("Swing Kids")
-Mowg ("Exit")
-Yeon Ri Mok ("Tune in for Love")

:small_orange_diamond:Best Art Direction:
-Lee Ha Joon ("Parasite"):trophy:
-Lee Jong Gun ("The Battle: Roar to Victory")
-Seo Seong Gyeong ("Svaha: The Sixth Finger")
-Park Il Hyun ("Swing Kids")
-Bae Jun Su ("Tune in for Love")

:small_orange_diamond:Best Technical Achievement:
-Yun Jin Yul & Kwon Ji Hun (Stunts) - "Exit":trophy:
-Kim Jin Sook (Make-up) "Metamorphosis"
-Kim Min Soo & Ryu Seong Cheol (Martial Arts) - "The Battle: Roar to Victory"
-Son Seung Hyeon & Kim Shin Cheol (Visual Effects) - "Svaha: The Sixth Finger"
-Im Seung Hui & Gwon Yu Jin (Costumes) - "Swing Kids"


Films shown at London East Asia Film Festival 2019


Arcadia | Jang Min-seung | South Korea | 2017 | 50 mins
Pitch-dark For the Voiceless | Jang Min-seung | South Korea | 2014 | 25 mins
Over There | Jan Min-seung | South Korea | 2018 | 44 mins
Beethoven – Mama | Tatsumi Orimoto | Japan | 2012 | 13 mins
Grandmother’s Lunch | Tatsumi Orimoto | Japan | 2006 | 4 mins
Painter & Mom | Kim Young-mi | South Korea | 2019 | 12 mins
Flower Bed | Tsuneko Taniuchi | Japan | 2004 | 14 mins
Rise of Roots | Lee Lee Nam | South Korea | 2019 | 60 mins

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