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Inside Out 2015

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The IMDB top 250 movies, based on popularity. List updated daily.


/u/StopReadinMyUsername on reddit combined the average ratings (Critic's & Users) from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and Letterboxd, and then weighted and tweaked the results with general film data from iCheckMovies and IMDb to reveal the 1001 Greatest Movies of All Time.




UPDATED 1/24/22 (Page 94)


All the animated Disney movies from Walt Disney Animated Studios, and also DisneyToon Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Image Movers Digital, and their stop motion movies. Films NOT included are the films only distributed by Disney. See this website for references.


UPDATED: 1/11/22


Pulled from

UPDATED: 12/11/2021

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Feature films by Pixar Animation Studios


• My 2021 Stats - last updated 25th December, 11:48 PM (GMT)
ㅤEpisode Plays - 1532 (4.3 plays per day)
ㅤMovie Plays - 164 (0.5 plays per day)
ㅤTotal Watchtime - 1237 hours
ㅤㅤ↳ Show Watchtime - 935 hours (2.6 hours per day)
ㅤㅤ↳ Movie Watchtime - 302 hours (0.8 hours per day)

ㅤShows Watched - 85 different shows
ㅤㅤ↳ Shows Started (This Year) - 73 starts
ㅤㅤㅤ↳ The Night Shift*, Killing Eve, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Teen Wolf* (2), Lupin, Forever* (2), The Mentalist*, Fate: The Winx Saga*, Carmen Sandiego, Game of Thrones,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤSwedish Dicks, Avatar: The Last Airbender*, The Office, Happy!, Castlevania, Preacher, Bones, Resident Alien, Harrow, American Gods*, Modern Family,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤThe Dresden Files, WandaVision*, NCIS, Norsemen, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, The Dragon Prince*, Z Nation, Psych, Jupiters Legacy*, The Umbrella Academy*,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤReno 911!, Loki*, Sweet Tooth, Sleepy Hollow, Heroes, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Good Place*, Banshee, Van Helsing, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier*,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤTed Lasso*, H2O: Just Add Water, The Queens Gambit*, Hunter x Hunter, Miracle Workers, Midnight Texas*, The Messengers, Penny Dreadful, Shadowhunters,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤWhy Women Kill, The White Lotus, Yellowstone, Upload*, Switched at Birth, The Originals, Superman & Lois*, Lie to Me, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Fleabag
ㅤㅤㅤㅤHouse, The Tick, Midnight Mass, Mr. Robot, House of Cards, What If...?, Arcane, Fringe, The Night Manager, Russian Doll, Hawkeye*
ㅤㅤ↳ Shows Continued (This Year) - 14 continuations
ㅤㅤㅤ↳ Mr. Iglesias*, The Boys, Criminal Minds, Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, iZombie, Evil, Chuck, Parks and Recreation*, Lucifer*, Once Upon A Time, Doom Patrol*, The Vampire Diaries,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤWynonna Earp, Sex Education*
ㅤㅤ↳ Shows Finished/Up to Date With (This Year) - 26 finishes
ㅤㅤㅤ↳ Mr. Iglesias*, Forever*, Fate: The Winx Saga*, Avatar: The Last Airbender*, Parks and Recreation*, Teen Wolf*, The Dragon Prince*, The Night Shift*, American Gods*,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤJupiters Legacy*, The Mentalist*, The Umbrella Academy*, The Good Place*, Loki*, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier*, The Queens Gambit*, Upload*, Midnight Texas*,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤLucifer*, Superman & Lois*, Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, Sex Education*, Doom Patrol*, Ted Lasso*, What If...?, Russian Doll, Hawkeye*

ㅤMovies Watched - 139 different movies
ㅤㅤ↳ New Movies (This Year) - 133 plays
ㅤㅤㅤ↳ Skyfall, Dredd, Turbo, Tag, Tower Heist, Identity Thief, Evan Almighty, The BFG, True Memoirs of an International Assassin, Cinderella, Ferdinand,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤMiddle School: The Worst Years of My Life, Next, Animals on the Loose: A You vs. Wild Interactive Movie, WALL·E, The Dark Tower, 100% Wolf, Seaspiracy,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤThunder Force, Love and Monsters, The Lorax, American Murder: The Family Next Door, Saw, Remember Me, The Mitchells vs. The Machines, Inside Out,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤPirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, The Lovely Bones, Nobody (2), Mortal Kombat, Coraline,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤBridge of Spies, R.I.P.D., Mulan, Hotel Transylvania, Hotel Transylvania 2, Secret Magic Control Agency, Raya and the Last Dragon, The Conjuring 2,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤBig Hero 6, Wish Dragon, Blue Miracle, The Lego Movie, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, Knives Out, Boss Level, Source Code, Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤFatherhood, Stardust, Shrek, Fear Street: 1994 (8), Fear Street: 1978 (5), Fear Street: 1666 (6), The Ritual, The Conjuring, Annabelle: Creation, The Nun, A Quiet Place,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤA Quiet Place Part II, Animal, The Taking of Deborah Logan (2), The Karate Kid, Up, Epic Movie, Carrie, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Halloween II,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤHalloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤHalloween: Resurrection, Evil Dead, Jolt, The Suicide Squad, Hereditary, The Hitman's Bodyguard, Free Guy, The Human Centipede (First Sequence),
ㅤㅤㅤㅤThe Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence), The Old Ways, The Boy, Saw II, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Hercules, Lilo & Stich,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤCoco, Spirited Away, Wrath of the Titans, Epic, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Ford v Ferrari, Dune, Halloween Kills, Finch, Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (3),
ㅤㅤㅤㅤExtinct, Moana, Red Notice, Bo Burnham: Inside, Hacksaw Ridge, Ron's Gone Wrong, The Legend of 1900, Spider-Man: No Way Home, tick, tick... BOOM!, Black Widow
ㅤㅤ↳ Rewatched Movies (This Year) - 31 plays
ㅤㅤㅤ↳ Assassin's Creed, Batman Begins (2), Baywatch, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Naked, Christopher Robin, Thor: Ragnarok, Doctor Strange, Avengers: Infinity War,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤCaptain America: The First Avenger, Captain Marvel, Iron Man (2), Iron Man 2 (3), Thor, The Avengers, Iron Man 3 (2), Hubie Halloween, Man of Steel, Cars 3, Kung Fu Panda,
ㅤㅤㅤㅤKung Fu Panda 2, Kung Fu Panda 3, Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Soul

• Overall Watch History - 1696 items


/u/StopReadinMyUsername on reddit created a list called "1001 'GREATEST' MOVIES OF ALL TIME" in 2015.

Since this list is still very popular, he posted an updated list on reddit in April 2020.

For this list he combined the average scores from IMDb, Letterboxd, Rotten Tomatoes & Metacritic, and tweaked the results with data from Letterboxd, iCheckMovies, TSPDT?, TMDb and IMDb.




  • Classics
  • Sequels
  • Reboots
  • Films
  • Tv Series
  • Shorts
  • Disneytoon Studios
  • Disney+

List of Pixar films and shorts, in release order


Not Included:
Animation tests, commercials, and other short clips (

2021-11-12 Added: Twenty Something, Nona, 22 vs. Earth, Ciao Alberto, Dug Days
2021-01-29 Added: Luca (TBR), Turning Red (TBR), Lightyear (TBR), Out (Short), Burrow (Short), Pixar Popcorn (Series)
2020-04-01 Added: Mr. Incredible and Pals, Lamp Life, Forky Asks a Question, Soul (TBR)
2019-02-12 Added Toy Story 4, Onward, Bao, various SparkShorts, Auntie Edna

#studio #release_order #continuing


Disney Pixar's feature length films in order of release date.


So, the theory goes like that;
All of the Pixar movies actually exist within the same universe! And Boo connects it all!
It all starts at 14th Century - year 5000


Daily Refreshed Imdb Top 250 Movies (Sun Sep 11 10:00:08 CEST 2016)


Movies nominated for the Oscars since 1960.




This list of films includes offerings from Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Fox, Disney Channel, ABC Family, National Geographic, Marvel Studios, and Star Wars.

Updated Oct 28, 2021 recently added Disney+ Original Content


List of movies released by Pixar Animation Studios


The 21st Century's Most Acclaimed Films list serves as a companion to the They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? 1,000 Greatest Films of all time list which, - by its nature - tends to have very few films from the 21st century in it. The 21st Century's Most Acclaimed Films list attempts to highlight and honour this century's most critically revered films and act as a sort of 'resting bay' for many great films that are likely to be included in the 1,000 Greatest Films list sooner or later.


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