Shout by Jacob
2017-02-14T09:07:59+05:30— updated 2017-02-15T21:07:48+05:30

What an intriguing way to make a movie, it plays out like an extended music video for the whole Discovery album. There's no dialogue in the whole film, as it isn't necessary as the music and animation does a wonderful job of telling the story. Of course, if you don't enjoy Daft Punk's music, this will become torturous as it's pretty much the only thing that plays throughout the movie.

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Very interning film for one of the best electronic/house albums ever. Great animation.

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No. According to Wikipedia and AniDB.net there is only this movie that was special made for the music of Daft Punk.

However the movie was split in 4 parts that aired on MTV and Cartoon Network in 2001. Maybe you saw those and thought it was a tv show.

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I believe there's a tv show behind it. But only aired in japan. That's why you might don't find it as cool as the japanese

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As a rule i don't turn off a movie once i started watching it, but during this one i felled tempted because this was total crap.

I thought the combination of Daft Punk and anime would make an entertaining movie or at least interesting since there is not a single word spoken, only the music of Daft Punk. But i couldn't be more wrong. The story is childish and not interesting.

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