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Joe Kidd 1972

  • John Sturges
  • July 14, 1972
  • 88 mins
  • English
  • Western
If you're looking for trouble - - - he's JOE KIDD
A band of Mexicans find their U. S. land claims denied and all the records destroyed in a courthouse fire. Their leader, Louis Chama, encourages them to use force to regain their land. A wealthy landowner wanting the same decides to hire a gang of killers with Joe Kidd to track Chama.


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Shout by Carlos Teran
2016-10-20T17:13:15-07:00— updated 2016-10-22T08:35:26-07:00

The thing about this movie are the wonderful background landscapes. John Sturges loved widescreen formats, in an age when most cinemas still had 4:3 screens, as a norm. However, the cast feels lost against the backgrounds. Anyone familiar with retro-TV will recognize most of the supporting cast members as popular character actors that used to play antagonist roles in all the popular shows of the late 60's and 70's, including my favorite "heavy", Ron Soble (Wyatt Earp in Star Trek's "Spectre Of The Gun" and Queng-Dri in The Six Million Dollar Man's "The Coward"). This is nothing but a minor work in Sturges' and Eastwood's filmography, but it's well worth watching it.

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