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Kickassia 2010

  • Doug Walker
  • October 17, 2010
  • 91 mins
  • English
  • Comedy
The honor of a new nation will be born! A nation that I will call... KICKASSIA!
Kickassia is a six-part feature-length original online film created by Doug Walker and the rest of the gang at Channel Awesome (including the Nostalgia Chick, Linkara, Spoony, the Cinema Snob, Marz Gurl, and Angry Joe) in honor of the site's second anniversary. The plot concerns the Nostalgia Critic, eager to own his very own country, deciding to organize an assault on the Republic of Molossia a one-acre independent nation within the continental United States and usurp its president, Kevin Baugh. Hilarity, as well as movie references and heavy artillery, ensue.


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