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Kodachrome 2017

A familiar story, almost as old as Kodak itself, but for those of us of a certain age, it's also sweetly nostalgic and a little sad. Kudos for being shot on Kodak film as well. Damn this modern age and it's digital emphasis!

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Kodachrome is predictable, light and fun. As with many "trip" movies, the fact that you know exactly how it will end doesn't make the journey not worth taking. Sudeikis and Olsen are perfectly fine in this, but Ed Harris belongs in another league and here he shows why one more time with a masterful performance.
Although, again, telegraphed, the poignant moments hit at the right time, and the movie feels sweet and heartfelt.

It won't make anyone's Top 10 lists, but Kodachrome is well worth the film it was shot on. Even if unlike in the movie - thankfully - it won't be the last one.

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If you took all the girls I knew when I was single..
And brought them all together for one night..I know they'd never match my sweet imagination..
Everything looks worse in black and white

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Elizabeth Olsen putting the needle on the record of Galaxie 500's This is Music album.. my heart did "melt away"......a flurry of nostalgic emotion came over album from my youth.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this film.  I thought it really excelled in not making any of the main characters be too heavy-handed.  At times they all played both the instigator and the peacemaker.  Other films would have had Harris' character be far more eccentric.

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