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La viergen Negra

  • 90 mins

In a coast town somewhere in the Caribbean, which we venezuelan viewers like to think is located in Venezuela, Manita (Carolina Torres) is troubled because his man does not want to please her anymore, so she seeks help in Lurdita played wonderfully by Angélica Aragón -Lurdita is a sort of mysterious local character who everyone knows have some obscure magical tricks- to make her husband love her again. Lurdita accepts to help her with one condition: Manita must have the town's virgin replaced by a black virgin that Lurdita will provide. The town at first rejects the ugly virgin but since Manita did the change supported by Ms. Isabel (Carmen Maura), the town leader, they ended up accepting the statue and even asking for miracles which start to happen all over the town. The only problem is the unlimited generosity of the black virgin to concede miracles to anyone who ask for one with the subsequent unexpected results.

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