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Legs of Steel - Hurt So Good 2012

  • August 1, 2012
  • 43 mins
Ski Tricks

Skiing is a roller coaster of emotions. Nothing is comparable to the dream like feeling of being in the mountains, and nothing charges your soul like the buzz that comes with stomping a new trick or blazing your own line through deep snow. With such highs, come inescapable lows - frustration, disappointment and worst of all, the injuries that keep you from the thing you love most. Through all this pain, however, you'll always find yourself coming back for more...simply because it hurt so good. Join the LOS crew in the ultimate journey as the boys do battle with winter. Witness the LOS approach to creating a unique urban section in Innsbruck, a city gripped by the darkness of early winter. Then observe the clouds break over the Alps to reveal timeless powder days around Europe. Follow the heart-stopping fear of the athletes deep into the Canadian backcountry and then onto warmer days at the infamous Glockner road gap. Ultimately, you're left wondering... where next?

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