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Love at Sea 2018


Original non-Christmas Hallmark movies.

Hallmark Christmas movies can be found in a separate list:

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries:


Hallmark Channel and HMM 2019 and earlier


Hallmark & Lifetime related films and series that I have seen.


Mainly Hallmark. Mostly G/PG.


Romcoms. Mainly Hallmark. No nudity etc. Suitable for all ages (in my opinion, but obviously, many people believe different things, so please check and form your opinion) Those rated are G/PG. Most are from Hallmark.
Enjoy! But please Romance responsibly!
No hearts were broken in the making of this list Love, is life. Life, without love, is a loveless life :rolling_eyes: umm. Yes, I agree. "Midnite, step away from the screen, before you start saying, " you deserve someone that will love you. Care for you. help you and hug you. Abuse, giving or receiving, isn't love. It is a mental issue. You deserve to be built up and given strength. Not knocked down and given pain. Physically, mentally, emotionally or any other way that I won't mention as this is G rated!
So, yes, step away from the keyboard. Nobody is reading it anyway!

I hope the list makes people see what love should look like.... In a perfect world.
The world isn't perfect. Life isn't perfect. Men are sure as heck a long way from perfect! Trust me! I am one! ( There's a phrase. "Trust me" And "I am a male" Should never be used in one sentence)
But if you find one that wants, and tries to be perfect for you, well, maybe he is a good one.... Or a good liar and seducer... Argh.
Well, that's why they say "Falling" in love. There isn't a cheat sheet. There is no guarantee.
Wow. I really need to stop now.....
If you do read this, hidden away in a random list, like a message in a bottle... feel free to reply. Tell me your thoughts. Am I right? Do you disagree? Am I mad as a hatter? Do you always read weird things hidden in plain sight, from people who really need sleep......


Movies that I've watched in 2019


Not all Hallmark, but all romantic.


All movies/shows from Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark Drama, Hallmark Movies Now and GAC Family.